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Billing Services

SSI’s Billing Services can protect you from waste, fraud and the rising costs of utilities. Let us help you ensure utility costs are equitably distributed, streamline billing procedures, recover bill processing costs, track and manage utility usage and ensure your billing is accurate and efficient.

Learn more about each of our Billing Services:

Submetering SSI provides submeter installation, maintenance, billing and collections, lowering your utility costs through Conscious Consumption and waste reduction.
Ratio Utility Billing Services (RUBS) Even if your property is not compatible with submeter installation, utility costs can still be divided equitably among residents. Use one of our proven formulas to allocate your community’s utility costs.
Convergent Billing Want to take advantage of our services, but prefer to handle your own collections? Convergent Billing makes it easy to combine our utility charges with your rent or other monthly charges, so your residents receive one convenient statement.
Vacant Utility Cost Recovery Recover utility costs billed to you when utility service and payment responsibility was not transferred to your residents in a timely fashion.
Utility Bill Payment Service Our thorough, web-based reports allow you to monitor and manage your energy efficiency and significantly reduce or eliminate bill processing costs.