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SSI provides submeter installation, maintenance, billing and collection services. Utility submetering is a cost effective method of dramatically reducing utility consumption, while increasing your property values. Most people are not aware that the average American uses between 80-100 gallons of water per day. By allowing residents to be aware of, and responsible for their own usage, we typically see an immediate reduction in consumption…sometimes as much as 35%. Submetering electric and natural gas usage also produces comparably impressive reductions in consumption. We refer to the change in usage behavior that invariably occurs after we submeter a property as Conscious Consumption.

In addition to the environmental benefits that result from conservation, there is also an economic advantage to the owners of the community. Without the burden of increasing utility costs, owners have more flexibility in establishing rental rates and prioritizing improvements at their communities.

The environmental and economic benefits of utility submetering clearly outline the advantages for this type of service. Residents can reduce their own utility costs by simply following some sound Conservation Tips (link to conservation tips) found here and on the backside of their monthly invoice. To simplify the utility payment process, residents are provided Account Access to view their accounts and make one-time or ongoing electronic payments.