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Utility Bill Payment Service

Depend on our Utility Bill Payment Service to evaluate utility usage, make collections easier and substantially reduce the cost of processing utility bills.Our system efficiently gathers data from past and present bills to accurately measure and effectively manage energy efficiency. Whether you decide to evaluate the collective cost and usage yourself or work with one of our experts, you will be in an ideal position to make necessary changes to save money.Subscribers of our Bill Payment Services tend to experience far less delay from the time the utility company master bills are generated and when we receive them. We then turn them around immediately, so you are floating the utility expense for as little time as necessary.

Using our web-based reporting system, clients can view data for an entire organization or down to a specific site. Available information includes:

  • Bill data
  • Interval data
  • Budgets and forecasts
  • Energy management savings
  • ENERGY STAR benchmarking

Substantially reduce the cost of processing your utility bills. Our program dramatically limits the cost associated with receiving, processing and paying utility bills. Utilizing our services allows our clients to properly identify potential billing problems and reduce or eliminate late fees and shut-off notices.

We offer several secure utility bill payment solutions. Once the bills are received, processed and entered in the database, payments can be made directly to utility companies on your behalf. This reduces your overall accounts payable expense by minimizing or eliminating efforts necessary to pay utility bills.

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