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Vacant Utility Cost Recovery

Our Vacant Utility Cost Recovery program allows our clients to recover utility costs billed to them when utility service and payment responsibility was not transferred to their residents in a timely fashion. This program not only pays for itself, but the recovered payments can easily exceed the cost of our Bill Payment Service (see chart below).

Through comparative analysis, we retroactively invoice residents for utility consumption occurring between the time a tenant takes occupancy and the time a utility company transfers the account from a vacant unit to the new customer. Though this program could benefit any property manager, it is ideal for our multifamily residential clients, because vacated units are constantly being placed back into their responsibility. They are thus most susceptible to paying countless dollars for utility consumption in units misclassified as vacant by utility companies.

This service, available to any Utility Bill Payment Services customer, is also a great complement to any of our Submetering or RUBS billing programs.

VUC Revenues can easily surpass Bill Payment Fees (real client results):
Vacant Utility Cost

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