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Submeter Installation & Maintenance

Submeter Install & Maintenance

SSI began as a submeter servicing company, so we are experts when it comes to installing and maintaining submetering equipment. Unlike other submeter providers, we take pride in sending our own trained technicians to install and maintain every submeter, every time.

If licensed plumbers or electricians are required, we will use the tradesmen of your choice or suggest one, if we can vouch for their work. Otherwise, we handle everything in-house. That is precisely how we are able to offer proactive service. Our maintenance department monitors equipment remotely and schedules repair work before it becomes a problem for the property.

Every project begins with a full assessment of the existing systems, recommendations and a thoughtful plan and implementation schedule. Our technicians have among them decades of experience working with all types of submetering systems, and are qualified to design, supply, retrofit or install a custom submeter solution for any property. We have yet to meet a challenge we could not overcome for a client.

Installation Information
Water submeters are installed on the water lines and are read by a remote wireless communication system. Similarly, electric meters are installed near the circuit breaker panels in the apartments or another distribution point within the building and are read by either a remote wireless or PLC (power line communication) system. Natural gas submeters monitor individual furnaces and/or gas cooking ranges. These meters are installed on the gas lines accordingly and are read by a remote wireless communication system.

Note: If your existing plumbing or electrical wiring is not compatible with submeters, we recommend using a Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS)  to equitably allocate utility costs among your residents.

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