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electricity submetering

Electric submetering measures the electricity used in each individual unit. SSI installs electric meters near the circuit breaker panels in the unit or another distribution point within the building. Then, using our top of the line remote wireless or PLC (power line communication) systems, we can remotely read and track usage.

By reading the consumption monthly or as necessary, we can generate an electric bill to the residents based on actual kilowatt hours used and the rates charged to the community by the utility company. Residents’ newfound awareness and direct responsibility for their usage inevitably results in reductions of the electricity used. This lowers your bills while conserving natural resources.

Residents then make payments online or send a check or money order with the remittance portion of their monthly invoice. Thanks to our efficient Billing Services, property managers are promptly reimbursed for their portion of what was collected by SSI.

In order to assist residents in controlling their utility consumption, we have provided these Conservation Tips.