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Welcome to the Resident Login Portal, where you can view your records and get all of your questions answered. Log in below to access your account, view consumption records and easily pay your bills online.

Questions About My Bill 
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Resident FAQs

Where do I find my login information?

Your login information is conveniently located on your monthly invoice. Your Account Number is your login ID and your Password is located on the top right side of the statement.

Do I need to notify SSI of our move-in or move-out date?

The apartment management office is responsible for notifying SSI of the move-in and move-out dates. You do not need to contact us with your scheduled move-out date. 

When will I receive my bill from SSI?

Generally, you will receive your utility bill on a monthly basis from SSI. Please be sure to pay attention to the due date and the address information on your monthly invoice. 

Why are there non-utility charges on my bill?

If you have non-utility related charges on your bill, such as; rent, parking, trash, pet, etc. You are receiving what is referred to as a Convergent Bill. Your community manager has decided to present you with one statement, including all of your monthly charges. This is an effort to make paying for the monthly expenses associated with living in your community more convenient.

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