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Contractors and Tradesmen

SSI provides high quality, turnkey submetering solutions for apartments, condos, student housing and commercial properties, going to great lengths to bring superior, timely service to each of our clients.

We offer top-of-the-line products for water, electric or natural gas submetering, as well as advanced wireless communication systems. This technology allows us to remotely monitor each unit and detect any anomalies.

Contractors and Tradesmen love to work with SSI, because we always strive for excellence, utilizing our own trained technicians to design, supply, install and maintain every unit, every time. No matter what your needs, we can create a custom submetering solution to meet them.

Asset Managers love to work with SSI, because we’ve got you covered from A to Z. Our technical team will handle design, supply, installation and ongoing maintenance, while our billing services streamline your billing procedures, track and monitor usage, and save you money. Studebaker Submetering can provide a simple solution for every property, synchronizing your utility data and billing charges, so you are always on the same page with your on-site management team.